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At Signature Controls, we partner with you to create customized solutions for access control. We provide, install, and service vehicle access control systems to safeguard you, your family, and your business.

Our customers benefit from our commitment to quality, customer service, and technical expertise. We specify and install high quality and reliable equipment, seamlessly integrating all components for a complete and maintainable vehicle access system.

Telephone Entry Systems and Keypads
Transmitters and Receivers
Emergency Access
Emergency Notification

Telephone Entry Systems and Keypads

We provide a full range of telephone entry units and accessories that can meet your specific application requirements. With programmable controllers, remote account management, smart phone applications, and transaction analysis software, these solutions are ideal for any system. Analog or Voice over IP intercoms provide an easy way for patrons to receive assistance.

Transmitters and Receivers

Transmitter and receiver options offer the most convenient and cost-effective method for residential vehicle access control. Each transmitter can be uniquely coded, allowing users to be added to or deleted from the system entry as required. Codes can also be placed in time zones to adjust to time changes. Our wide selection of transmitter and receiver systems allow customization to meet your needs.

Emergency Access

We offer innovative, reliable, flexible, safe, quick and easy-to-use emergency access products. Some of these are becoming the industry standard. Check with your local fire safety officer to find out what solution is preferred or required.

Knox Box Lock Boxes provide a convenient method to allow security personnel access to property through an automated gate system.

Siren Operated Sensors respond to the sound of a siren to open any type gate in an emergency. Mandated in many communities nationwide, Siren Operated Sensors are the most reliable, cost-effective device for opening your gates, rollup doors, parking arms, and barriers in an emergency.

Click To Enter Systems combine the scanner/receiver technology with control technology to act as a radio controlled key, to open access control devices such as gates or security control mechanisms. Easy Access grants emergency personnel and authorized users quick and immediate entry in case of an emergency.

Emergency Notification & Public Address Systems

Protect your customers and your employees with top-of-the-line emergency communication systems. Through emergency notification and public address systems, event management systems, and Code Blue emergency communication devices, we’ve got you covered. Our emergency systems can even be integrated into your existing third-party systems for a seamless emergency solution.