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High security applications

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High security applications

When it comes to heightened security applications and heavy-duty crash rated systems, Signature Control Systems is ready to partner with you to create a customized high security solution for your business.

In an area where on-going support and quick response is critical, we can help add an extreme layer of protection for your business. With traffic spikes, barrier systems, crash-rated gates, and ballistic rated booths, we partner with the best manufacturers of high security systems in the country to offer you tested and effective solutions. We also offer exceptional customer service and repair, along with custom installation.

Integrating with your existing security systems and buildings, our crash-rated high security solutions allow you to control ingress and egress.

tiger teeth
Stationary & Retractable Bollards
Wedge Barriers & Barricades
Cable Beam Barriers
Crash-Rated Slide Gates
Ballistic Rated Booths

Tiger Teeth/Traffic Spikes

Tiger Teeth, also known as Traffic Spike Systems, are used to control access to or from parking facilities, military bases, gated communities, hospitals, universities, car rental agencies, and airport parking lots.

Whether you need motorized spikes or passive spikes, our product line is comprised of unique, reliable, and superior traffic spike systems that are valuable in improving your site access control. With options available in either a surface mounted above-ground model or a flush mounted in-ground model, we will provide a solution best suited for the needs of your facility.

Stationary & Retractable Bollards

Bollards are the solution of choice for protecting buildings and facilities in an urban setting. Bollard systems deliver excellent undesirable vehicle intrusion protection, while maintaining comfortable and easy pedestrian access. Bollards can also be used to protect pedestrians from street traffic in urban settings.

We offer both stationary and retractable bollards. Stationary bollard barricade systems consist of several vertical fixed bollards installed in a line or independently, while retractable bollards offer controlled security. Let us help you choose the right bollard system for your needs.

Wedge Barriers & Barricades
(In-Ground, Surface Mount & Portable)

Crash-rated barrier systems lower to allow the passage of authorized vehicles. Generally employed at nuclear facilities, power plants, corporate headquarters and embassies, barricades are very useful for controlling ingress and egress from your property.

We offer a number of efficient barrier and barricade systems, both hydraulic and electric. Consider electric designed barriers as an environmentally friendly option to protect your facility, offering higher duty cycles with reduced maintenance for lower overall cost of ownership.

Additional barrier options include shallow foundation or bolt to surface barriers to eliminate the concerns of interference with buried pipes, power lines, and fiber optic communication lines.

Cable Beam Barriers

Cable and chain beam barriers are designed and used for both traffic control and high-security applications. These proven barricade systems are deployed at government facilities, embassies, corporate headquarters, parking structures, car rental facilities, nuclear power plants, and automotive sales lots. Cable and chain crash beam rising barrier gate options include models that will immobilize a vehicle weighing up to 15,000 pounds traveling at 40 MPH.

Crash-Rated Slide Gates & Verticle Lift Gates

Crash-rated slide gates can withstand the impact of large vehicles without suffering significant damage. We offer a variety of crash-rated slide gates depending upon your needs. From high-security applications for embassies, government facilities, and corporate headquarters, to event security and monitoring, our security gate systems can be customized for your unique situation.

Ballistic Rated Booths

Where utmost security is needed, prefabricated guard booths are ideal for high-traffic situations requiring physical guard presence. Guard booths can be constructed as mobile or portable units with a 180-degree range of vision. They can also be custom designed with accent stripes, feature paint scheme, signage and many more options. Ballistic rated booths are available up to UL Level 8.